Halloween patrols lead to extra DUI charges

For many Halloween is known for costumes and trick-or-treating. However, for law enforcement it is known as a popular time to catch people driving under the influence. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration more people are killed by drunk drivers on Halloween than on New Year’s Eve. In fact, three times as many fatal accidents occur. These number increase, says the NHTSA, when Halloween is on a weekend night — like it was this year.

Law enforcement officials in Utah are aware of these statistics and recently took to the streets to arrest suspected drunken drivers. According to reports, 160 extra troopers from the Utah Highway Patrol were on the streets on Halloween. These troopers made many arrests and those individuals are now facing drunk driving charges.

In Salt Lake County, 33 people were arrested and charged with DUI as a result of this extra enforcement. An additional six arrests were made at a DUI check point in Utah County. This check point was located between Orem and Provo. Officers called the night a success.

For those facing DUI charges, they may be dealing with a variety of legal and social consequences. While DUI charges can result in some embarrassment, without the right help they can also result in large fines, jail or prison time, alcohol education classes, probation or ignition interlock devices.

People who have been accused of DUI should make sure they understand all their rights and any available defense strategies to try and avoid conviction. There are situations where police make mistake in arresting or charging individuals with DUI. In these cases, people need to fight for their rights to avoid penalties.

Source: Fox 13, “Halloween DUI blitz nets more than 30 arrests in Salt Lake County,” Carly Figueroa, Nov. 1, 2014

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