Protect your reputation, defend against rape charges

Few charges are as devastating to a person’s reputation as charges for sex crimes. People are often quick to side with an alleged victim and punish a person before that person has even been convicted. Not only do rape and sexual assault charges have strict sentences, they can result in years and years of police scrutiny if a person is placed on the sex offender registry. Registration can limit a person’s employment, housing and social opportunities.

Our firm understands these devastating effects of these punishments. We also know just how hard it can be for a person to change his or her reputation once they have been convicted as a sex offender. Therefore, it is important to potentially avoid conviction altogether through the use of an aggressive criminal defense.

In many instances, there can be questions of consent in a sexual assault or rape case. Whether or not there was consent for the sexual conduct can make a big difference on the outcome of a case. Our firm can help uncover the evidence that may prove that there was consent. This could include phone records, text messages, witness statements and more. However, it is important for people to act fast to uncover this evidence before it is accidentally destroyed or witness’ memories fade.

For years, we have worked for the best interests of our clients. In these cases, we try to get people out of jail and back to normal life as soon as possible after an arrest. Additionally, we negotiate with prosecutors to get the quickest resolution of the case possible.

Again, it is important for those facing sex crime charges to act fast. For more information on defending against rape charges, please see our Sex Crime Defense page.

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