Utah’s DUI Law of .05 BAC Limit Increases Drunk Driving Arrests

One or two drinks can now result in DUI

Recently, Utah passed a DUI law of a .05 percent blood alcohol driving limit, and it is being aggressively pursued by law enforcement. This means that you can have only one drink (depending on your weight) and possibly reach that level. Certainly two drinks could get you there.

According to the news we have received, of the nearly 900 people arrested by the Utah Highway Patrol in January of 2019 for suspicion of DUI, less than five were arrested for having a blood alcohol content between .05 and .08.

But for those people, this was a big deal, and often a person faces losing their employment and freedom because of such.

Many of the people who call are surprised at just how easily it is to get to the .05 level. If you weigh less than 125 pounds, it is very easy to run afoul of the law after just one drink.

The good news is that prosecutors will take into account the “BAC” when they negotiate with offenders. A .05 is bad, but certainly will not draw the ire from a judge as say a .16 will.

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