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Your Rights and Defense Options in Utah Criminal Cases

Many of the clients we’ve helped at the law office of Greg Smith and Associates have never had an encounter with law enforcement before. In fact, they are often hardworking, contributing members of society who, for one reason or another, find themselves in an unfortunate situation.

We understand the stress, the anxiety and the fears you have about your future.

  • How will this affect your job? Your education? Your family?
  • Can you afford bail?
  • What can you do on your own behalf?
  • If you’ve been called before a grand jury, can you refuse?
  • How can you avoid saying and doing things that might hurt your criminal case?
  • If you plead guilty, then what?

Part of our job as defense attorneys is helping our clients understand the criminal justice system. We will explain what is happening, what you can expect and what your options are moving forward.

Experienced Utah Defense Attorneys Protecting Your Rights

You are a vital part of the defense team, and we make sure you are involved in the decision-making at every step, but you will always have the benefit of our years of criminal law experience as a guide. Several of our criminal defense attorneys have worked both sides of criminal cases, as police officer trainers and in the prosecutor’s office.

Learn the top 30 mistakes made by criminal defendants in Utah.

Learn more about your rights when you face criminal prosecution in Utah in hearings (bail, probation or parole hearings) or in state or federal court:

At Greg Smith and Associates, we make sure no client faces the powerful arm of the law without an equally powerful defense. We operate in every criminal court (see locations of Utah courts).

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