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Utah Consumer Fraud Attorneys

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Utah Consumer Fraud Attorneys

Consumer Fraud Lawyers in Salt Lake City

Are you a victim of Consumer Fraud?

  • False advertising of goods or services
  • Deception before, during or after the sales
  • Cheated by a car dealer? mechanic? investment coach?
  • Victim of a “sale” that was in reality just their normal price?

Were you cheated by a car dealer?

If you think a car dealer is “screwing you,” you may be correct.  Are they telling you to bring your car back and pay a higher down payment and/or a higher interest rate?  Did they tell you the car was wonderful, but then you spotted clear problems that an inspection would have revealed.  Did your dream car end up having a horrible tranny or a bum engine?  Give us a call.

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We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and a five out of five star rating with Avvo. Also, have been in business for literally decades.

We are nice and friendly.

Our location just off 5600 South State is super accessible, and we have great parking.

We like to chit chat. In other words, we like to see you as a friend, not a “client.” In fact, we often meet our clients at restaurants.

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