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2015 Avvo Clients' Choice Award

Lead criminal defense attorney Gregory B. Smith was awarded the 2015 clients’ choice award by Avvo. He received a 5 star rating for his reviews from satisfied clients.

Google Reviews

Attorney Smith has a 4.6 star rating on Google with 150+ reviews. Reviews

Attorney Smith is has a 4.7 star rating on with almost 100 reviews.

Matindale Hubble Client Champion

Attorney Smith is a platinum level client champion according to Martindale Hubble.

Our Clients Say Things Like These:

Complete dismissal of a first degree felony

“I was charged with a first degree felony based on the word of a malicious false witness. My wife and I were terrorized by the prospect of me going to prison when I had done nothing wrong. It was a very complicated case that took over 16 months of rigorous litigation to resolve. Greg Smith was the only attorney I could find that believed in my innocence and was willing to do the hard work it took to get justice. In the end, all of the charges against me were completely dismissed.”

by SB
Rating: 5.0

Thanks for all your help

“Hi Greg, I want to personally thank you for helping me with my battery charge, you had an attorney handle my case, and he was great. The attorney was honest and understanding of my personal situation, a true professional, he answered all my questions and my e-mails promptly, I felt I could be myself around him. Great guy to have on your team.
Thanks for all your help. “

[A Thrilled Client]
Rating: 5.0

They say you get what you pay for, I believe I got more than I paid for this time!

“When I was faced with domestic violence charges I didn’t know what I was going to do. I felt very intimidated by the judge and knew I was going to need help. I hold a professional license and knew this charge could effect my ability to work and earn a living.
They say you get what you pay for, I believe I got more than I paid for this time! Greg Smith and Associates were the third firm I talked to and the least expensive by far. I don’t know how anyone could have done a better job defending my case. The outcome was better than I could have imagined. Greg was very responsive to my calls and emails. Russ was unbelievable in the way he handled my case with the prosecutor. I thought for sure we would have to go to trial but he was able to get the case dismissed before it even went that far. Thanks Greg and Russ! “

by AC
Rating: 5.0

I am so glad I found you!

“I hired you because of your experience both as a prosecutor and a defense lawyer. All I can say is that you totally saved my life! Not only were you the best, you were one of the least expensive! I am so glad I found you on the internet. The crime is NOT on my record! I thought I was totally screwed, but I wasn’t! I also have to tell you that I have never known a lawyer that was so easy to get on the phone.”

by BK
Rating: 5.0

You have a client for life!

“We thought our son was going to go to prison no matter what. When you got the case against him resolved, it was like he was re-born! (He now stays away from alcohol and drugs!) We have had to hire lawyers in the past, but none of them was as easy to get on the phone, and your fees were more than fair. You have a client for life!”

by CT
Rating: 5.0

You guys are the best

“I was shocked when I called for the first time because and an actual lawyer answered the phone, and spoke to me for nearly a half hour! He was so attentive and understanding. He even agreed to meet with me the very same day in the evening at a nearby restaurant. You guys are the best.”

by AK
Rating: 5.0

You successfully got my charges reduced

“You guys are not only the best, your fees are so reasonable. My buddy paid his lawyer literally double what I paid you guys, and he was convicted on all counts. You successfully got my charges reduced, so that I could avoid going to prison and having a felony on my record.”

by WS
Rating: 4.5

Utah Criminal Defense Lawyer Testimonials and Reviews

Choosing a criminal defense attorney is not a light decision. Picking the wrong attorney or an inexperienced attorney can result in a permanent criminal record, large fines or even imprisonment, so it is important to hire someone you trust.

Word-of-mouth referrals continue to be a strong part of our legal practice because of our long record of success in Utah courts. For more than 20 years, the attorneys at Greg Smith and Associates have helped Utah residents fight even the most serious charges. Below are some of the comments we recently received from clients.

“You got most of my charges dismissed, and the others were reduced! Thank you!”

“The domestic violence and DUI crimes that I was charged with would have ruined my career. Thank you for saving me! You are worth every penny I paid you.”

“We were so afraid that my son was going to prison. You were compassionate and easy to talk to. We were amazed at how thorough you were and how you saw things that other lawyers that we had spoken to had not even noticed.”

“I thought I was a dead duck when I was charged with my crimes. You guys are miracle workers. I’ve referred many of my friends to you.”

“I called around and got a lot of quotes. Your fees were not only the lowest, but you were by far the friendliest. I highly recommend you. You actually returned every phone call. You got my husband’s charge dismissed, and now he has his life back.”

“You got me through the most painful time period in my life.”

“I love the fact that you would meet with me on weeknights and weekends. Nobody else I talked to would do that for me.”

“I didn’t think anybody would believe me, but you did, and you were able to convince the prosecutor, too!”

Contact Our Salt Lake City Criminal Defense Attorneys

These are just some of the many testimonials we have received during our more than 20 years of criminal defense experience. We are known for how well we treat our clients and how hard we fight to help them achieve the best outcome possible for their case. To set up a free case evaluation with one of our attorneys, call us at 801-641-3397 or contact us online.

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