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Domestic Violence

A Conviction Can Change Your Life

Domestic violence charges can be brought by someone you live with — a boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, brother or sister. This criminal charge can be brought for an action as insubstantial as blocking someone’s exit or grabbing someone’s wrist. But it can also result from slapping or kicking someone or hitting someone with a thrown object.

We will defend you against domestic violence charges such as:

We defend people in initial protection order proceedings and when they have been charged with violating a protection order.

The Conviction Stays With You

A domestic violence charge or conviction will appear on your criminal record where employers, landlords and others can see it. If a protection order has been issued against you, you will have to abide by a number of restrictions. Learn more about the consequences of a protection order.

The reasons for domestic disputes are usually not as black and white as they first appear. The accused may not be as guilty or the accuser as innocent as it seems. Many times, a domestic violence situation is the result of months or years of provocation and name-calling and a “perpetrator” who has been verbally abused finally snaps.

These mitigating circumstances need to be shared with the prosecutor, but let your lawyer do the talking. Too often, well-intentioned people hurt their own case by trying to defend themselves. Do not talk to the police until you have talked to us.

At the law office of Greg Smith and Associates, we work hard to protect our clients’ rights and defense options when they face criminal charges for domestic violence. That work can begin immediately after you hire us. Get in touch with our Salt Lake City domestic violence attorneys by contacting us online or by calling 801-641-3397.

Working to Get Charges Dismissed or Reduced

In many domestic violence cases, we can negotiate with prosecutors to get your charges reduced or even dropped. There may also be alternative sentencing options like probation along with counseling for alcoholism or drug abuse or anger management classes.

Expunging a Domestic Violence Conviction

If you were previously convicted of a domestic violence charge, you may be able to have that conviction cleared from your record by the process of expungement. In addition to convictions, we may be able to help expunge records of charges for which you were never convicted in Utah.

Contact an Experienced Utah Sexual Battery Lawyer

A domestic violence charge does not have to ruin your life and your future. Contact an SLC assault attorney at Greg Smith and Associates for a free initial consultation. Call 801-641-3397 or email us. We protect the rights of clients accused of domestic violence in Salt Lake City, Provo, Orem, Park City and surrounding communities in Utah.

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