Accident results in DUI charges for Utah man

While alcohol is often consumed without many consequences, it can be dangerous. Alcohol can cause people to use poor judgment, it can slow reaction times and make it more difficult for people to perform every day tasks. When people drive under the influence of alcohol, the effects can be disastrous. Many Utah citizens likely understand the dangerous associated with drunk driving, however, mistakes are still made.

In some cases, these mistakes can lead to a drunk driving arrest. A DUI can have long lasting effects on the person that is charged. These consequences can be increased when people have multiple DUI convictions on their record, when property damage is caused by someone driving under the influence and when another person is hurt by a drunk driver.

A 44-year-old Utah man may face the harsh consequences of a DUI following a recent traffic accident. According to police, the man was involved in a domestic dispute before driving off in his car. While driving, police claim, the man drove through a red light in a pickup truck and caused a serious car accident. The exact details of the accident are unknown, however, in the process a 43-year-old woman was killed and a 13-year-old girl was injured.

The man was also taken to a local hospital with injuries. Police say the man will be taken into police custody on charges of reckless driving, DUI and vehicular homicide once he is released from the hospital.

Following an accident, it can be easy to place the blame on other people. Police may be quick to put the incident behind them and find fault with one of the drivers. However, those accused of causing an accident while under the influence have legal rights. Those individuals should ensure that any blood alcohol testing that occurred following the accident were legally undertaken.

Source:, “DUI accident victim in Draper ID’d as mother of 5,” May 10, 2014

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