Three men arrested in connection with West Valley City shooting

In yesterday’s post we discussed the gun charges facing a Salt Lake City teen who was allegedly involved in a gang-related fight. Three more Utah residents are facing weapons charges after allegedly shooting a 16-year-old male in a West Valley drug rip-off.

Authorities say that three men, ages 19 to 28, were charged with aggravated robbery and discharge of a firearm. One of the men is also charged with obstruction of justice. Police say that the men contacted the teen and asked to buy prescription painkillers. The men then allegedly conspired to scare the teen with a gun.

The men allegedly picked up the teen, pointed a gun at him, and demanded his drugs. The teen refused to give his drugs so he was shot four times. The group then pulled over to the side of the road further down the street and pulled him from the car. A passerby allegedly found the teen with gunshots to his leg and stomach.

Police arrested the three men the next day and they allegedly made a series of incriminating statements. Namely, one man told officers that the gun used in the botched robbery was in his bedroom. The car owner told officers that he had cleaned the vehicle the next day and threw away his car mats.

It is unclear why the men confessed to the crime or whether they consulted with a criminal defense attorney before making the incriminating statements.

Source: Salt Lake Tribune, “Three charged in shooting of West Valley City teen,” Dec. 7, 2012

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