Teen says that she regrets hosting “Project X” party

In our last post we discussed the case of one 16-year-old Clearfield girl who hosted a “Project X” party while her parents were out of town. Project X is a new movie about a teen who throws a wild party to become popular. Like the party in the film, the Clearfield party got out of control and will likely result in several assault charges.

“My parents were out of town and I just wanted to throw a party, you know?” the teen said in a recent interview. “Every teenager does that. I didn’t expect it to get out of hand. I just wanted everybody to have a good time.”

The party got out of hand when almost 200 people descended upon the teen’s small home. Many of the party crashers didn’t know the host or her friends and several were allegedly affiliated with a gang. The teen says that fights started erupting between the party crashers. The host went to the home’s front door to tell the troublemakers to leave when a man in his late teens or early 20’s started shooting.

The host was shot in the foot and several of her friends also sustained bullet wounds. The teen’s parents first found out about the party and the shooting from the hospital, which the teen’s mother calls “the worst call ever.”

“I’ve told her numerous times, numerous times, ‘Bullets don’t have nobody’s names on them,” the teen’s mother said, “They just hit whoever they want to hit. We have bullet holes in the window. Our house is a mess. There was blood in our house.”

The teen’s parents also found several backpacks with knives in them, indicating that several other armed assaults could have happened at the party. The teen said that the worst part about the ordeal is that others were injured and that her parents are deeply disappointed in her. The teen also said that the gang members who did the shooting must have been invited by “somebody” and urges those people to come forward.

Source: Deseret News, “Teen regrets throwing party while parents were away,” Steve Fidel and Pat Reavy, Mar. 19, 2012

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