Sandy resident charged with running underground bar

Authorities have charged a 33-year-old Sandy man for allegedly running and underground bar out of his garage.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that the man was charged with running a business without a license, which is class B misdemeanor that carries up to six month in jail. The man also faces a potential fine of up to $1,000.

Police say that they have received several complaints regarding the so-called “Dog Bar” which is located at 450 East and 10400 South. The dog is named after a bulldog painted on the white garage door.

The recent raid on the man’s bar followed after an undercover detective visited the bar with an informant. The owner of the bar allegedly told officers that he had started the bar with his father in 2006.

Sandy police officers say that they seized over 100 bottles of liquor, 77 cans of beer, a shot machine and cash.

The man’s pretrial conference is scheduled for August 29.

Source: Salt Lake Tribune, “Utah man charged with running a bar in his garage,” Aug. 7, 2013

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