Salt Lake City police seize 31 pounds of heroin

Charges for drug trafficking are very serious. Unlike charges for drug possession charges, drug trafficking charges are almost always serious felonies that result in long prison sentences, large fines, probation and more. These penalties can make it difficult for the accused to find employment or stable housing. Convicted felons also lose their right to vote, right to own firearms and often need to report their status on school, work and housing applications.

In response to an alleged heroin problem within Salt Lake City, law enforcement officials have recently cracked down on the supply of the drug. Police say that the drug has become cheaper than many other street drugs because of the over-abundant supply from Mexico. Therefore, heroin has become a problem in many of Utah’s cities and towns.

Recently, the Metro Narcotics Task Force conducted an operation that resulted in the arrest of 21 people. According to police, they seized 31 pounds of heroin in the raid. This heroin was worth $5 million.

Those accused of drug trafficking need to present a strong criminal defense in order to protect themselves from the charges. People have constitutional rights that need to be upheld throughout the process. This includes an investigation, any searches, an arrest and throughout the criminal proceedings. With the right help, people can make sure that police do not overstep their boundaries and violate their rights when they are investigating drug crimes. If violations have taken place, people may see reduced penalties or dropped charges.

A proper criminal defense can also include negotiating with prosecutors. In the right situation, people can get the charges reduced. If negotiations can reduce charges from drug trafficking charges to drug possession charges, people can see significantly reduced penalties.

Source: Fox 13 Salt Lake City, “Officials say series of drug busts in Utah may lead to spike in crime,” Aug. 21, 2014

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