Multi-state investigation leads to drug charges for three men

On behalf of Greg Smith & Associates posted in Drug Trafficking on Wednesday, May 7, 2014

People may think that police departments work alone to solve crimes. While in some cases this might be true, in many situations, police departments work with all sorts of law enforcement officials in order to arrest and charge individuals. Charges for drug crimes, in particular, often come after multiple agencies – at the state and federal level – have worked together to solve a case. This means that those accused of drug charges may be facing evidence collected from a variety of sources in a variety of locations.

Recently, three people were arrested in Utah following a tip from an agency in another state. According to reports, four men were wanted for drug distribution and had warrants out for their arrest that were listed on the National Crime Information Center’s website.

Utah police claim that they were told that the men had entered the state. Police claim that they then went to the residence where the men were to arrest them. Two of the men were arrested under the NCIC warrants at this residence. Utah police also claimed that they were in possession of drugs at the time of their arrest.

The third man to be arrested was followed by police as he drove. Police claim that his arrest followed a short altercation. Police allege that this man was in possession of a methamphetamine pipe at the time of his arrest. The fourth person was not caught by Utah police.

When people are facing drug charges that result from an investigation involving many different aspects of law enforcement, these people need to be careful that their rights were protected at every stage of the investigation. If police or other law enforcement agents – at any level – violated search and seizure rules, or other constitutional rights, evidence collected may be excluded from court. This could result in reduced charges or dropped charges for the accused.

Source: The Park Record, “Trio of drug suspects arrested Friday in Coalville,” Aaron Osowski, April 29, 2014

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