Marijuana possession can be a big deal

Many people don’t see marijuana use as all that big of a problem. Many people just consider it to be a harmless recreational drug. However, despite the social acceptance of the drug, it is still illegal under the Utah and federal criminal codes. Therefore, people can face serious penalties for marijuana possession.

In fact, people can face charges for drug possession in a variety of situations. In other words, people don’t just have to be caught using the drug to be convicted on these types of drug charges. Police have charged people after finding trace amounts of marijuana in a bag, for example. Or, people can face criminal charges if police find them with a friend’s marijuana. In many cases, police aren’t looking at intent, just possession. In some cases, police will intentionally bring higher charges — such as possession with intent to sell — in order to get people to plead guilty to lesser charges.

Our firm can help protect one’s interests in these cases. We understand that those charged have constitutional rights that police cannot break. In these cases, we can help people assert their rights — even when up against aggressive prosecutors. We can ensure that prosecutors and police have the evidence necessary to prove the case. If police do have evidence, we can make sure that it was properly collected and the chain of custody is in tack.

Our firm knows how important fighting these charges is. We know that any conviction on drug charges has the potential to affect a person’s employment, housing and school-life. It can close doors, even years in the future. However, we also know that with the right criminal defense, people can move forward from drug charges.

For more information about how we can help with marijuana possession charges, please see our website.

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