Esar Met’s murder trial continues

The murder trial of a 27-year-old Burmese refugee continues today.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Esar Met is accused of raping and killing 7-year-old Hser Ner Moo back in 2008. The girl lived in the same South Salt Lake apartment complex as Esar Met.

Authorities say that the girl’s murder occurred about a month after Esar Met moved to the U.S. and that he was acquainted with the family. Esar Met’s attorney said that he loved children and hinted that someone else might be responsible for the murder.

Esar Met faces charges including child kidnapping and aggravated murder, both first-degree felonies.

“Evidence will prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Esar Met killed Hser Ner Moo after he sexually assaulted and detained her,” said Prosecutor Matthew Janzen.

The girl was found dead in Met’s basement shower after a massive search that involved hundreds of volunteers.

The defense in this case will likely play up irregularities in the investigation in an attempt to secure Esar Met’s freedom. For example, the Deseret News reports that a passerby was used as a police translator during the investigation because officers mistook him for a FBI agent.

The trial began on Monday and is expected to take about three weeks.

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