Drug trafficking charges can be serious — protect your rights

Unlike some other areas of the law, the criminal code governing drug laws is very complex. These laws vary greatly depending on a wide number of factors. These factors can include a person’s intent, the amount of drugs a person has, the type of drug a person has, whether the person has a criminal record, where the person was found with drugs, who the person was with and so on. Depending on the answer to these questions, prosecutors can choose a different type of drug charges, with different consequences for the accused.

One of the most serious drug charges available is for drug trafficking. In these cases, prosecutors are accusing you of distributing or selling drugs. These charges often carry the most severe penalties. Again, however, the specific charges you face will depend on the amount of drugs you are found with and the type of drugs. Penalties for trafficking marijuana may be different, for example, than the penalties for trafficking heroin.

It is important that you understand these distinctions so that you can make the best possible decisions about your case. Without the right criminal defense, you could face significant challenges and penalties. These penalties can include prison time and fines, but can also limit your ability to find stable housing or prevent you from getting certain jobs, an education or a professional license.

Our firm has the experience you need to help in these situations. We can help you understand the charges that you face. We understand Utah’s drug laws and what factors the prosecutors must prove to find you guilty. Our firm can take the specific facts in your case and use them to your advantage.

In some cases, we can challenge the evidence presented by prosecutors. Without evidence, prosecutors may have no choice but to drop charges. Additionally, we can be strong advocates and negotiators which in some cases can result in lowered charges and penalties. For more information on drug trafficking charges and how we can help, please see our website.

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