A Utah man faces deportation after Ponzi scheme conviction

It is well-known that illegal aliens face deportation anytime that they are convicted of a crime. What is less commonly understood is that even individuals who are legally in the U.S. could be deported if they are convicted of certain crimes.

One Sandy man faces deportation after being convicted in connection with a Ponzi scheme.

Authorities say that the 59-year-old John S. Dudley will serve 60 months in prison after pleading guilty to wire fraud. He will also be forced to pay back $6.8 million in restitution to his purported victims.

“Mr. Dudley’s web of lies damaged or destroyed the financial future of more than a hundred victims,” David B. Barlow, U.S. Attorney for Utah, said today. “After serving his five-year term of incarceration, Mr. Dudley will be deported from the United States. These steps should help make sure that Mr. Dudley is not able to harm residents of Utah again.”

Mr. Dudley apparently held himself out to be an investment expert and told people that he had not suffered a trading loss since 1978. He also told his investors that their investments would outperform the market with little to no risk.

Many people believed Mr. Dudley’s claims ranging from senior citizens to young adults. Investigators from the IRS claim that Mr. Dudley used the funds for his own purposes including a luxury car and exotic vacations.

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