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  1. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and have been in business for over twenty years.
  2. We have gotten amazing results for people for well over twenty years, and at very reasonable rates.
  3. Our focus is on criminal defense, as well as family law, bankruptcy, and employment matters. We have successfully handled thousands of cases, and because criminal, family, bankruptcy and employer matters often cross over into a person’s world, we handle them all for you.
  4. The vast majority of our clients love us, and our winning percentage is AWESOME.
  5. We typically get cases reduced and/or partially dismissed, and sporadically get complete dismissals. Rarely do our clients not get very favorable outcomes.
  6. Unlike most law firms, we typically don’t even require a retainer! In other words, you can pay as you go, and most of our clients make reasonable payments.
  7. We typically answer every phone call, text message and email every day.
  8. We cover the entire state of Utah, including all state and federal courts, and handle any kind of crime.
  9. Our lead attorney, Gregory B. Smith, has personally trained over a dozen criminal defense attorneys, and he was initially trained as a prosecutor, so he knows how prosecutors think.
  10. We have put on seminars for other attorneys.
  11. We can most likely speak with you right now, and meet with you today.
  12. We happily meet with our clients at night and on weekends. We know you work for a living, so we make meeting with us as easy as possible.
  13. We can typically visit your loved on in jail the same day you call, and we will often do this free of charge.
  14. If you are not happy with us, we allow you to fire us at any time and for any reason. So, you’ll never feel “locked in” with us.
  15. We will understand you, and we will not judge you or your loved one.
  16. For us, every human life is precious, even if a person has made a mistake, no matter how small or large. We understand that we are called “humans” instead of “robots” for a reason: Nobody is perfect.

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