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Our motto: We’re not here to get you the employer’s money, we’re here to get you your money that the employer is keeping from you. After all, you’ve earned it – it belongs to you!

The bad news: you think you’ve been improperly paid.
The good news: you’re at the right website!

You can call us now at 801-641-3397. Typically, we get our clients the money that’s rightfully theirs, and often, the employer, not the employee, has to pay your attorney fees. We’ve been helping Utah employees get what they’ve earned and what they’re owed for more than twenty years, and we have outstanding ratings.

Our typical client is a person whose just been “let go” from his or her employment, and is not very happy about that. As they tell us about how unfairly they were treated, we typically ask them how they were paid. More often than not, their employer did not properly pay them.

The most common offense we see is the hourly employee, who was wrongly put on salary (and thus, not paid for the hours they worked over 40 per week), or the hourly employee that worked during his “lunch break” or off the clock. Often hourly employees perform work they don’t get paid for, especially when they work at home to get things done.

Truth be told, most employers are not in perfect compliance with the United States wage laws. In other words, just about any employee could sue his employer. Fortunately for employers, most employees are very reluctant to file a lawsuit, and so they typically only come to us when they feel like they’ve “really been jerked around,” or “taken advantage of.”

Whether you are still employed or have been laid off, you have rights that are protected under Federal and Utah laws. If you or a loved one has been denied wages, you can count on compassionate, immediate and experienced representation from the Utah wage and privacy claims law firm of Greg Smith and Associates.

Videos by Greg Smith explaining your rights and recourse under the law:

We protect and defend the rights and financial interests of employees in Salt Lake City, Orem, Richfield, and surrounding communities in Utah. Contact our Salt Lake City wage and privacy claim attorneys online or call 801-641-3397.

Laid Off? Does your previous employer owe you money?

Utah law says “whenever an employer separates an employee from the employer’s payroll [in other words, the employee did not quit, but was let go] the unpaid wages of the employee become due immediately, and the employer shall pay the wages to the employee within 24 hours of the time of separation at the specified place of payment.”

Does your employer owe you overtime but won’t pay?

You may be entitled to overtime pay under federal and utah laws, even if your employer claims you are not entitled. The Fair Labor Standards Act clearly defines when and what you deserve to be paid. Contact the wage claim attorneys at Greg Smith & Associates to see if you qualify for overtime under the law.

Wage and Privacy Claims Attorneys

You can count on our firm for a strong legal representation. We regularly advise other attorneys on critical issues in wage and privacy claim law.

Contact Our Salt Lake City Wage and Privacy Claim Lawyers

If you or a loved one has been denied your rights or wages as an employee or has been charged with a crime, our Utah law firm can help. Contact a Salt Lake City wage and privacy claims lawyer at Greg Smith and Associates at our office in West Jordan, Richfield or Orem. Call us at 801-641-3397 or contact us online.

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