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We are criminal defense attorneys Greg Smith and Associates and we can tell you with confidence that we are among the most experienced – and affordable – DUI lawyers in all of Utah. From our Salt Lake City law office, we have defended hundreds of cases and we work hard to be efficient and cost-effective in our quest to produce successful outcomes for our clients.

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Utah DUI Statutes

While DUI laws are similar from one state to another, Utah statutes have some unique features. For instance, operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol level that exceeds .05 is a standard measure of impairment, or “driving under the influence,” from state to state. Nevertheless, if the police and prosecutors can prove that your driving was indeed “impaired,” you can be convicted of driving under the influence even though your blood alcohol level measured as little as .02 percent.

You can also be convicted if you were “under the influence” of illegal drugs or prescription medication. As long as the state can prove that your judgment and/or perceptions were impaired due to alcohol or drugs while you were driving, you face conviction and the consequences of Utah’s tough DUI laws.

How We Protect Your Rights

When you hire us as your DUI defense attorneys, we will examine, evaluate and question every aspect of the case against you that can be challenged or suppressed. DUI cases are very regimented; there are procedures governing the administration of field sobriety and breath tests as well as the arrest itself.

There are many opportunities for police officers to make mistakes and we will closely examine the police report, the arrest record and the maintenance and calibration logs for the Breathalyzer the police used. We will also make sure that all evidence obtained from you was lawfully handled. To prepare the most effective defense for you, we will raise questions like:

  • Did the police officer or state trooper have sufficient cause to stop you?
  • Was the evidence properly collected and reviewed?
  • Were the Breathalyzer and other tests correctly administered?
  • Was the testing equipment reliable? When was it last calibrated?
  • Were your rights read to you when you were arrested?
  • Does the officer have a history of “bad stops”?
  • Do you have any physical impairments that triggered a wrongful arrest?
  • Did poor night vision cause you to swerve or miss a traffic sign?
  • Did your arthritis or knee pain give the appearance that you were impaired during a field sobriety test?

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We are among the most experienced DUI defense lawyers in Utah. If there is a questionable aspect of your case that might result in having charges dismissed, we will find it. Contact us today for your free initial consultation by calling 801-651-1512 or emailing us.

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