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If you are charged with intoxicated driving in Utah, you have 10 days from the date of your arrest to file a request for a formal hearing before the state’s Driver’s License Division (DLD) to request that your driving privileges be preserved until your trial. Otherwise you will lose your license.

Keep in mind that having no driving privileges would mean that you would need alternative transportation to work, could not take your kids to school or activities and would have to call a friend or pay for public transportation to do the simplest errands. It is a huge inconvenience – and if you are caught driving with a suspended license, you will face more charges.

Experienced Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys On Your Side

Making you aware of the opportunity to keep your license in a Utah DLD hearing — and helping you with all the paperwork involved – is just one of the many ways that the legal team at Greg Smith and Associates can help you.

We will also represent you in the DLD hearing. These hearings are similar to a trial: All aspects of your DUI must be challenged, including your field sobriety and Breathalyzer test. We have helped clients through hundreds of these hearings and have an excellent track record.

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Examining All Aspects of Your Arrest

DUI cases involve certain arrest procedures, evidence collecting and handling, and field sobriety and Breathalyzer tests. In your defense, we will look at why and how the police stopped you, question the devices used to test your breath or blood and double-check the chain of custody in handling the evidence in your case. Usually one, some or all aspects of the case against you can be challenged and may be disallowed. Examples:

  • Did the police officer or state trooper have sufficient cause to stop you?
  • Were your rights read to you before any in-custody questioning?
  • Was the evidence properly collected and handled?
  • Were the Breathalyzer and other tests correctly administered?
  • When was the testing equipment last calibrated? Was it properly maintained?
  • Does the officer have a history of “bad stops”?
  • Do you have any physical impairments, such as arthritis, that may have caused you to drive erratically or appear impaired during the roadside test?

Get an experienced Utah DUI attorney to represent you

Being represented by a knowledgeable lawyer in your DLD hearing may be the difference between driving and not driving. Don’t take chances. Contact the attorneys at Greg Smith and Associates today and benefit from our experience, focus and dedication to protecting your rights.

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