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Charges of identity theft, like any criminal charges, require a timely and well-thought out response. You cannot ignore criminal charges and hope they will go away. You may believe that the ID theft charges are false, are exaggerated or are not important in the grand scheme of things. But letting your criminal case take its natural course may land you in jail, leave you with a criminal record and, in many other ways, change your life for the worse for a very long time.

There may be a good explanation as to why you allegedly used another person’s identity (perhaps using a stolen Social Security number and other forms of identification) without authorization for purposes such as the following:

  • To open up credit
  • To buy a car
  • To conduct business online
  • To commit bank fraud using counterfeit checks and other false documents, to make false loan applications, to open accounts and to conduct financial transactions
  • To make fraudulent bank withdrawals

You may be accused of credit card fraud, check fraud, ID card forgery or some other means by which you supposedly “stole someone’s identity.” The alleged ID theft may have involved a business situation, a family matter, a roommate situation or an incident involving someone you do not know.

Utah Identity Theft Criminal Defense Lawyers

Whatever the specific identity theft-related charges, whatever the circumstances and whatever the explanations you have, you are in a serious legal situation that requires a prompt response. At the law offices of Greg Smith and Associates, Criminal Law Attorneys, we consider ourselves to be in the business of helping people move forward through the challenges of a criminal matter. We have an enviable track record of successful results achieved for previous clients.

We are prepared to listen carefully, educate you as to what to expect in the criminal justice system and do all that we know how to do to help you obtain the most favorable outcome attainable in your case.

We are here to offer those who need our advocacy the benefit of our experience, understanding and service. We regularly advise other attorneys and share our insights with the public.

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