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Have you or a loved one been accused of brandishing a gun? Have you or someone you care about been arrested in connection with firearms violations?

Weapons charges are serious matters. If convicted, you could face serious penalties. The criminal defense attorneys at Greg Smith and Associates can defend you against these charges. We will work hard, striving to get you the best possible outcome.

We Have the Experience To Handle Firearms Violations

At our law firm, we understand the stress that you are under if you have been accused of a crime. We are here to relieve that stress by showing you the difference our experience can make in your weapons charge case.

We know how to stand up to the prosecution. In fact, Greg Smith, one of our lead attorneys, has prosecutorial experience. This means we have seen the tactics the other side uses in these cases. More importantly, we have seen the methods that work best at overcoming them. We know how to get results.

Accused of Brandishing a Weapon?

Have you been accused of:

  • Brandishing a gun in a road rage situation, even though you weren’t holding an actual gun?
  • A firearm violation because you threatened someone with a toy gun?
  • Taking out a concealed weapon in public?

No matter why you have been accused, our criminal defense team can help.

Accused of Being a Felon in Possession of a Weapon?

People convicted of felonies or domestic violence charges lose their right to possess a weapon. If you have been convicted of felony or domestic violence and then caught with a firearm in your possession, our lawyers can help you.

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Contact us anytime. Our attorneys are available to serve people accused of weapons crimes in Salt Lake City and throughout Utah.

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