Fighting Minor In Possession Charges

If You Were Caught With A Controlled Substance You Need A Committed Lawyer

Any drug, including alcohol or any controlled substance, may be the focus of minor in possession criminal charges. Minors under the age of 21 in Utah are forbidden from possession or consumption of alcohol.

A teenager who has been charged with a crime has the same constitutional rights as all criminal defendants. Search and seizure laws may be of special interest in a minor in possession and consumption case. A strong defense in the face of minor in possession and consumption charges often includes an investigation into every aspect of the case leading up to the arrest.

  • If there was a traffic stop, was the stop legal?
  • Was the search legal?
  • Was the young person properly questioned?

It is important to contact an experienced defense attorney as early in the process as possible after being charged with minor in possession. Talk to a lawyer before you talk to anyone else! It is often difficult or impossible to undo the common consequences that arise out individuals attempting to work with law enforcement or represent themselves.

Beware Of Phone Calls From The Police Saying, ’We Need To Ask You A Few Questions.’

If you are reading this Web page because you are a teenager charged with a drug crime or because your teenage son or daughter was charged with minor in possession, you should know that you are under no obligation to talk to anyone on your own. You have the right to be represented by an attorney. This is the recommended way to communicate as needed with law enforcement and the courts.

The legal team at the Salt Lake City-based law firm, Greg Smith and Associates, welcomes your call. Ask us about the risk of a suspended driver’s license and loss of driving privileges if you are convicted of this offense.

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