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It is a great challenge in today’s fast-paced life and in the context of urban sprawl to go about one’s life without a car. Easy access to transportation is essential for people who must drive to work, drive for a living or perform many other of life’s activities that require movement and promptness — such as taking care of elderly family members or facilitating child visitation schedules.

For all of these and many other reasons, it is easy to understand the temptations that entice people into driving without privileges after their driver’s licenses have been suspended or revoked. “Just this once,” they may think the first time — and then discover how easy and tempting it is to continue driving without privileges.

Driving privileges are often lost over circumstances such as:

  • Repeat DUI convictions
  • Failure to pay fines or comply with conditions for release in a DUI case
  • Failure to stay up to date with child support payments
  • Driving with an expired driver’s license
  • DUI enhancement
  • Teenagers driving with a driver’s permit, but without a licensed driver in the car

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At the law offices of Greg Smith and Associates, Criminal Law Attorneys, clients appreciate our commitment to helping them obtain the most favorable outcomes, including:

  • Restoration of driving privileges
  • Reduction or elimination of fines and penalties
  • No jail time

We are here to offer those who need our advocacy the benefit of our experience, understanding and service including clients charged with driving without privileges. We regularly advise other attorneys and share our insights with the public.

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