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When work requires a Utah professional to touch another person on a regular basis, one might expect the law to anticipate the likelihood of false charges of unlawful touching or sexual misconduct. Unfortunately, Utah chiropractors, physical therapists and other professionals face allegations like this all too regularly.

Even if police or other law enforcement officers decline to prosecute an individual, the Utah Division of Professional & Occupational Licensing often takes an interest in accusations of sex crimes. From the Division’s perspective, it needs to thoroughly investigate any allegations of unprofessional behavior – in many cases, conduct that is not criminal still becomes the basis of a licensing penalty.

Unlawful Touching and Sexual Misconduct Accusations Are Hard To Disprove

If a patient accuses a chiropractor or physical therapist of inappropriate or lewd conduct, it can be very difficult for the professional to present an effective argument in his or her defense. Without skilled representation, these cases often turn into an ugly match of he-said-she-said.

When the Utah Division of Professional & Occupational Licensing becomes involved, it will usually order a hearing to determine whether to impose penalties on the professional’s license. At the hearing, a panel of government representatives will hear testimony from various parties – professionals are entitled to have a lawyer represent them in these proceedings.

Ultimately, the panel can choose whatever outcomes seems most appropriate to it, including lengthy suspension or revocation periods during which the professional will not be able to work under his or her license.

The applicable standard does not offer as much protection as the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard that applies in criminal cases. While false accusations might not be enough to secure a conviction for sexual battery, for example, those same claims might very well be enough to persuade a licensing review panel to suspend a Utah professional’s license.

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