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Were You Charged With Unlawful Imprisonment in Utah?

Criminal charges of unlawful imprisonment are similar to those of kidnapping, with one key distinction. Kidnapping involves taking someone somewhere against his or her will. Unlawful imprisonment involves holding someone captive against his or her will.

Unlawful imprisonment charges could result from the following:

  • On a date, the woman you were with asked you to let her out of the car. Hoping to persuade her to stay longer, you locked the car doors and would not let her go. She later called the police and you were arrested for unlawful imprisonment.
  • At home, during a domestic dispute with your spouse, domestic partner or elderly parent, you likewise locked doors and would not allow the other person to leave. Soon afterward, you were charged with unlawful imprisonment.

Keep in mind that if you are charged with unlawful imprisonment (also known as unlawful detention or unlawful detainment), you have the same constitutional rights as all criminal defendants. You are innocent until proven guilty. You have the right to an attorney. You have the right to remain silent. The prosecution must prove your guilt beyond a shadow of a doubt to convict you.

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Were you charged with unlawful imprisonment after blocking the door during an argument with your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend? Talk to a lawyer as soon as possible to gain an understanding of how best to protect your interests.

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