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From time to time, notorious kidnapping crimes make the headlines and reinforce the popular notion of kidnapping as a dramatic act involving strangers and complicating factors such as ransom or accompanying violent crimes such as sexual assault.

In practical terms, however, a great many instances of kidnapping involve separated parents in disputes over child custody and visitation. One parent who is not supposed to have custody at a certain time often takes a child out of the area or refuses to return the child to the parent who is scheduled to have possession at the time.

A parent accused of kidnapping may believe the child custody violation is in the child’s best interests, but violating a court custody order takes the incident out of the realm of a domestic dispute and it becomes a criminal matter.

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Your legal situation is serious if you have been charged with kidnapping your own child. Consult with a criminal defense attorney at your earliest opportunity to increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome. Contact the law offices of Greg Smith and Associates, Criminal Law Attorneys, to schedule a consultation.

Other circumstances that often lead to criminal charges of kidnapping or similar criminal charges include the following:

  • A woman unable to have her own child kidnaps a baby from a hospital.
  • A husband or wife seeking more time together in hopes of reconciling a troubled relationship blocks the other one from leaving a car or forces her or him to go or stay somewhere against his or her will.
  • In a domestic violence context, one partner blocks another from leaving the home during an argument.
  • A restraining order violation escalates into an incident where one person keeps the other in captivity, even for a few hours, resulting in charges of unlawful imprisonment.

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