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A mortgage applicant-borrower, the broker, the appraiser or any party involved in a mortgage deal who commits fraud may face mortgage fraud charges in Utah. The Salt Lake City mortgage fraud lawyers at Greg Smith and Associates have experience representing all types of defendants in mortgage fraud cases.

Are you being investigated in a mortgage fraud case? If so, then contact us today. There are many situations that may provide the basis for criminal charges and it is best to contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

  • Did you allegedly tell the bank that you were going to live in a home although you actually planned to rent it out?
  • Did you allegedly state on your mortgage application that you had earned the down payment when, in fact, a family member gifted it to you?
  • Did you allegedly arrange for a bogus appraisal of your intended new home, colluding with an appraiser who falsified the estimated value of the home?
  • Did you overstate your income on your mortgage application?
  • Did you arrange to have an insurance agent sell you a bogus policy on a family member who had died and use illegally acquired life insurance benefits as a down payment?

Whatever the alleged series of events were that led to your mortgage fraud charges, you have the same constitutional rights that any defendant has in a criminal defense case.

The attorneys at Greg Smith and Associates strongly urge you not to talk about the case to anyone — not even a family member — before you have met with a skilled mortgage fraud lawyer. Contact us to schedule a consultation by calling 801-651-1512 or emailing us.

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