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Have You Been Charged With Insurance Fraud?

You may have reason to suspect that you are under investigation for insurance fraud because you have been called and asked to report to police or insurance claims adjusters to discuss questionable transactions.

Protect yourself, your reputation and your future if this is the case. Do not try to answer questions without legal representation. What you say and do during the investigation can very easily lead the case down a path fraught with danger.

You may be suspected or accused of some type of insurance fraud such as the following:

  • Setting fire to your car and reporting it as stolen to collect on insurance
  • Arranging for a “friend” to “steal” your car to get rid of it
  • Making false auto claims by buying insurance after an accident and reporting the timing of the accident erroneously in an attempt to get damage from the accident covered
  • Reporting valuables as lost in a house fire when in fact they were given or sold to a friend who in turn promised to deliver half of the profit made by selling the valuables
  • Submitting false insurance claims
  • Faking an accident or faking injury to collect insurance benefits

You may have been falsely accused of insurance fraud — or the accusers may have part of the story right. Whatever the case, you may be relieved to know that there is hope through skillful criminal defense advocacy.

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