Invasive Species

You had a great day fishing on the lake. At the end of the day, you hitched your boat to your truck and went to the cabin. A short time later, a Wildlife Resources officer knocked on your door and began asking questions. It is time to talk to a lawyer.

Many Utah boaters are accused of violating federal invasive species laws every year. Failing to properly clean your boat or car after being at a national park can cause the movement of invasive species such as mollusks and plants, resulting in serious federal penalties and a criminal record.

The poaching law attorneys at Greg Smith and Associates handle all types of wildlife cases, including those involving poaching crimes around the Great Salt Lake, Mantua Reservoir and Farmington Bay.

Contact us online or call our office at 801-651-1512 if you have been contacted by a Wildlife Resources officer regarding your hunting or fishing activities.

What is an invasive species?

Invasive species are any plants, animals or other organisms that are not native to an ecosystem and whose introduction harms the environment or human health. The laws surrounding invasive species are intended to punish individuals who intentionally or unintentionally cause the introduction of an invasive species into the environment.

Invasive species can have a variety of effects on an ecosystem and typically cause significant damage to plants or other animals by crowding the other organisms out or destroying them. Individuals accused of introducing invasive species into a park or body of water can be hit with huge bills associated with government attempts to control the newly introduced invasive species.

Invasive Species Crimes Defense Lawyers

The attorneys at Greg Smith and Associates handle poaching and wildlife cases throughout Utah. We defend individuals who have been accused of violating all types of federal invasive species laws in cases involving:

  • The Alien Species Prevention and Enforcement Act
  • The Animal Damage Control Act
  • The Asian Carp Prevention and Control Act
  • The Clean Boating Act of 2008
  • The Brown Tree Snake Control and Eradication Act
  • The Lacey Act
  • The Nonindigenous Aquatic Nuisance Prevention and Control Act
  • The Wild Bird Conservation Act

Federal wildlife cases can be complicated, which is why it is important to hire a law firm with the experience and resources to successfully defend you. Our lead attorney, Gregory B. Smith, has prosecutorial experience and knows what it takes to challenge the other side’s tactics.

It is important to contact an attorney before being interviewed by a Wildlife Resources officer or federal official. Answering even seemingly harmless questions by authorities can lead to severe charges. Possible penalties for invasive species crimes include significant fines, jail time and the forfeiture of property such as boats and trucks.

The wildlife crime defense attorneys at Greg Smith and Associates represent those who have been accused of invasive species violations in all Utah parks and forests, including the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge, Wasatch National Forest, Thousand Lake Mountain and Arches National Park.

To set up a free consultation with our law firm, call us at 801-651-1512 or contact us online.

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