Fur Prohibitions

There are very few federal laws that address animal furs. Although laws such as the Lacey Act address the treatment of animals in the wild, these laws do not cover the animal farms responsible for most of the country’s fur production.

Utah Fur and Trapping Laws

Although federal law is largely silent on fur prohibitions, the Utah Wildlife Board does enforce some fur and trapping regulations. Generally, any person dealing with or transporting animal skins or pelts is required to be licensed by the Utah Wildlife Board.

Exceptions to this licensing requirement include individuals dealing with red fox and striped skunk furs. There are also limited exceptions for killing beavers that are causing damage on private property.

Poaching Law Defense Options in Utah

Fur and trapping violations are most likely to be prosecuted under Utah game and wildlife laws, which cover most animals in our state. Many hunters who run afoul of wildlife laws do so unknowingly.

It is common for hunters to make the mistake of attempting to “explain themselves” when questioned by wildlife officials. Speaking extensively with a wildlife official or police officer without the advice of an attorney can be extremely damaging to a case. If you have been accused of a fur or trapping violation, contact our law firm to discuss your case.

The wildlife crime defense attorneys at Greg Smith and Associates represent those who have been accused of fur and trapping violations in all Utah parks and forests, including Wasatch National Forest, Zion National Park and Antelope Island State Park.

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