Animal Enterprise Terrorism and Ecoterrorism

Animal enterprise terrorism and ecoterrorism are among the most serious types of federal animal crimes. Penalties for animal enterprise terrorism can go as high as life in prison, so these charges should be taken seriously.

The law firm of Greg Smith and Associates has successfully represented Utah residents against all types of criminal charges, including federal crimes. Our lead attorney, Gregory B. Smith, has prosecutorial experience and knows the tactics that federal prosecutors will use when bringing an animal enterprise terrorism case.

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What Is Animal Enterprise Terrorism?

“Animal enterprise” is a broad term used to describe any commercial or academic operation that uses or sells animals or animal products. Animal enterprises include almost any operation involving animals such as :

  • State fairs
  • Farms
  • Animal shelters
  • Horse breeding operations
  • Circuses
  • Rodeos
  • Dog shows
  • Pet stores

Animal enterprise terrorism laws prohibit the destruction of any animal enterprise operation’s property or the intimidation or harm of anyone connected to an animal enterprise operation.

Because many businesses use animal products in some fashion, it is very easy for federal prosecutors to upcharge property crimes as animal enterprise terrorism. A relatively minor or personal matter can quickly become a federal prosecution for serious federal crimes.

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