Utah Federal Weapons Violations Defense Lawyer

Defense Against Federal Weapons Charges

While Utah has very few laws relating to guns of any type, the federal government has a number of laws that regulate the importation, manufacture and distribution of firearms and other weapons. Violation of federal laws will land you in federal criminal court, and the possible sentence could be more severe than that found in state criminal cases.

Examples of federal weapons violations include:

  • Selling firearms to people who are not allowed to possess firearms or owning a firearm if you are one of these people:
    • Convicted felons
    • Fugitives from the law
    • Illegal aliens
    • People who were dishonorably discharged from the military
    • People who have had a protection order issued against them for harassment, stalking or threats against a domestic partner
    • People convicted of domestic violence
    • People who are mentally ill, mentally incompetent or on certain medications
    • Underage people (18 or 21)
  • Illegally carrying a concealed weapon into a federal building
  • Attempting to bring a gun on a commercial plane

Experienced Federal Weapons Charges Lawyers

The stakes are high. That’s when you want experience on your side.

Since 1993, the Utah federal weapons violations defense lawyers at Greg Smith and Associates have been fighting to protect the rights of people facing weapons charges. We will aggressively defend your rights in federal weapons crimes cases. Our lead attorneys have prosecutorial experience, and one was even a police officer trainer. We have experience in state and federal criminal courts as well as appeals courts. You can feel confident knowing that we are well-prepared to handle your case.

Contact our Salt Lake City gun crimes defense attorneys for a free initial consultation, or call 801-651-1512 to schedule a meeting at our West Jordan or Park City law office.

Weapons Charges Against Sellers

The federal government has a stake in keeping guns out of the hands of criminals. One way it does that is by placing restrictions on sales. Violations of dealer record-keeping requirements are punishable by a penalty of up to $1,000 and one year in prison.

  • Sellers of weapons can run into legal trouble if they sell to “straw buyers,” people who are buying a gun to turn it over to a third party who is not eligible to own a gun.
  • Selling multiple handguns to the same person within a five-day period requires the gun dealer to notify the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Contact an Experienced Utah Weapons Violations Lawyer

If you have been accused of or charged with a gun-related crime in federal court, contact a Salt Lake City defense attorney at the law offices of Greg Smith and Associates for a free initial consultation at our office in West Jordan or Richfield.

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