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After a trial ends in a conviction, this is not necessarily the end of the case. Often, it can be demonstrated that the defendant suffered the results of ineffective assistance of counsel. For example, there may have been trial flaws along the way such as:

  • The defense lawyer did not call a key witness whose testimony would support the alibi.
  • The defense attorney did not show the jury pivotal exculpatory evidence.
  • It can be demonstrated that the confession was coerced — and this fact was not given the attention that it deserved during trial.
  • A defendant confessed on the basis of promises made by law enforcement — promises that have been overturned by the sentence in court.
  • Unavailable witnesses, witness tampering or spoliation of evidence made a fair trial impossible.

Greg Smith and Associates, Criminal Law Attorneys, handles federal criminal appeals on behalf of our own clients as well as clients of other criminal defense lawyers. Set up a free consultation with our firm by calling 801-651-1512 or contacting us online.

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As experienced Utah federal criminal appeals attorneys, we have heard our fair share of stories about invalid plea bargains that did not deliver the benefits the defendant expected. Through painstaking evaluation and analysis of every step and phase of a trial, we often find the key to a successful appeal.

Finding that key, however, is not enough. Successful federal appeals require well-honed legal research and writing skills, which our attorneys have consistently demonstrated. We are here to offer our advocacy to those who need it in federal criminal appellate court. We welcome inquiries from defendants and their attorneys alike.

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