Consequences of Protection Orders

The Life-Changing Consequences of Protection Orders

Why fight a protection order (also called a restraining order), particularly if the charges against you are partially true? The consequences of protection orders can last for years, and there may be options that could satisfy the court, and the accuser, that are less harsh.

At the Salt Lake City law office of Greg Smith and Associates, we advise you to contact a Utah restraining order lawyer as soon as you know that another party is seeking a protection order. Too often, people wait until the last minute because they think there is nothing they can do, but a number of defense strategies could be available. We will explore them all, but there is only a short time to prepare your case. Call our West Jordan or Park City office as soon as possible at 801-651-1512.

The most obvious consequences are these:

  • You will need to move out of your home (if you share a home with the accuser).
  • You will need to make special arrangements to see any children you share with this person. In some situations, you may only be allowed supervised visitation. And you will not be able to phone or email the other parent to discuss issues involving your children. You will have to work through an intermediary.
  • You may need to find another church to attend.
  • If you work together, you will need to make arrangements to ensure that you have no contact and can maintain the specified distance apart; sometimes this is impossible.
  • You may no longer be able to drive down the roads you used to drive if they are near the homes or businesses you must avoid.
  • In some cases, you may also be told you cannot have contact with friends or family members of the accuser, creating even more places that you must avoid.

The less obvious and often long-term consequences of protection orders are these:

  • A protection order creates a criminal record. This can be seen by your current and future landlords and employers. In a difficult economy, this would make you a less desirable tenant or employee.
  • It can interfere with your ability to get some types of professional licenses or possibly a security clearance for work.
  • You cannot purchase or possess a gun.
  • If you are an immigrant, it could put you at risk for deportation.

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