Assault and Battery

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Legal definitions of “assault” and “battery” differ from state to state. Basically, in Utah, an assault is committed when you threaten to hit or harm someone. Battery is committed when you actually do hit or harm someone.

The attorneys at Greg Smith and Associates can defend you with passion and purpose if you are charged with either of these crimes. Our lead attorney, Greg Smith, has prosecutorial experience and knows how to successfully resolve even the most complicated cases.

We have experience with statutes dealing with assault and battery; we will diligently protect your presumption of innocence and begin to defend you against the charges immediately.

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More About Assault and Battery

Assault can be the threat to harm another individual or to “create a fear in a person that violence is imminent.” Assault can be a misdemeanor or a felony. Aggravated assault is committed with a deadly weapon — a knife, gun, car or anything else that could cause harm — and is punishable by serious prison time.

Battery is an actual physical attack. There are three main types of battery charges:

  • Domestic violence battery — committed by one spouse or cohabitant upon another
  • Aggravated battery — an intentional act using a deadly weapon, which caused great bodily harm or permanent disfigurement
  • Felony battery — committed by someone who has a prior battery conviction or against a “protected class” of people like police, firefighters or nurses. This is an automatic felony with severe punishments.

Mitigating Circumstances

We have excellent reputations with prosecutors and engage them in reasonable negotiations on your case. Our credibility goes a long way in helping them understand that the situation may not have been black and white. There may be circumstances that could be leveraged to achieve a pretrial motion to reduce or dismiss charges. We work to understand the circumstances surrounding your assault charges and will ask such questions as:

  • Was our client provoked or severely taunted? How?
  • Was the person provoking our client a known bully?
  • How much blame does the victim bear?
  • Was our client off medications?
  • Was the assault as severe as reported or did the victim exaggerate his or her injuries for effect?

All these aspects and more can be discussed with prosecutors before trial in a cooperative and professional way, not an adversarial one. Over the years, we have earned the trust of other lawyers, and this is important in plea negotiations and often results in more favorable outcomes for our clients.

Serious Charges Require High-Quality Legal Representation

If you are charged with assault, battery or both, you may be facing fines, prison, stress for your family and the loss of your reputation. We will leverage our experience and knowledge to defend you and to produce a positive outcome in your case.

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