Utah Doctor Faces Drug Charges After License Suspension

News has emerged that a Brigham City orthopedic surgeon lost his license to prescribe medicine just two days before he was charged with 130 counts of distributing prescription drugs without adequate medical examination of his patients, including two counts of distribution of controlled substances resulting in death. U.S. District Court documents allege that the doctor prescribed drugs for as many as 120 patients on some days, and issued over 37,000 prescriptions for oxycodone and hydrocodone over four years.

State and federal laws prohibit a variety of behavior involving prescription pharmaceuticals, including forging a doctor’s prescription and possession of illegal prescriptions. The potential consequences of any criminal prosecution are serious, but a medical professional accused of a drug crime faces both the potential loss of a prosperous career following a conviction and the threat of civil forfeiture.

Worst of all, those who are convicted of serious drug crimes are subject to incarceration or lengthy probation. In the present case, the surgeon faces evidence that he wrongly prescribed over 3.5 million pills. Prosecutors take such cases extremely seriously, and federal prosecutions are backed by significant resources and a dedication to making an example of defendants.

Seeking Immediate Help From a Dedicated Criminal Defense Lawyer

Any citizen’s response to learning of a criminal investigation should be swift and decisive. Whether you are concerned about law enforcement questioning or have already learned of formal charges, an immediate consultation with an attorney who understands the criminal justice process can help you seize control of a potentially volatile situation.

Any criminal notoriety, from a DUI arrest to domestic violence or sex crimes charges, can do tremendous damage to a professional practice that took decades to build. Experienced counsel with the wisdom to know when to act aggressively can protect both your legal rights and your professional interests.

Client advocacy does not stop at the courtroom door: a dedicated attorney will advise you about a host of other matters, from dealing with professional licensing boards to responding to media inquiries. With a trusted advisor working on your behalf, medical professionals can pursue strategies to minimize the effects on their liberty, livelihood and professional standing.

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