Defending Allegations Of Probation And Parole Violations

Facing Probation And Parole Violations

You were accused and convicted of a crime. Maybe the judge was kind and you were given probation. You could stay at home, at work and in the community with supervision. Maybe you were sent to jail or prison, but served your time and you are now out on parole.

But now you face a problem. You’ve violated your probation or parole and you’re heading back to court, accused of a probation or parole violation.

Utah Probation Defense Lawyer

Probation violations typically come in a couple of forms. There are technical violations such as failing to report to your probation officer or testing positive for drugs. There are violations that involve accusations of new crimes. If you have been arrested in connection with other illegal activity, not only do you run the risk of a whole new set of penalties, you may also face the penalties that you could have gotten the first time.

What We Can Do

The Salt Lake City probation violation attorneys at Greg Smith and Associates can help you stay out of jail. When you face accusations of a probation violation, you will have to go to court for an order to show cause (OSC). Essentially, you will stand in front of a judge to provide a reason for the judge not to revoke your probation.

We will stand beside you in this process. Our attorneys will work to demonstrate that there was no probation violation. If there was a probation violation, we will work to help you avoid penalties. We will file a motion to revoke probation and reinstate it.

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Legal Help With Parole Violations

Are you at risk of returning to jail or prison due to a parole violation? If you are suspected of violating your parole, Adult Probation and Parole may request that a warrant be issued for your arrest and return to prison. The Board of Pardon and Parole has the power to send you back to jail, where you may be ordered to serve the remainder of your sentence.

But you have a right to be heard at a parole violation hearing, which should be scheduled as soon as possible. At the parole violation hearing, you have the right to plead not guilty and to offer testimony. An evidentiary hearing date can then be set, at which you can be represented by an attorney of your choice.

Since 1993, our law firm has been helping people fight for their rights at every stage of the criminal process. When you need skillful legal help to present your case before the parole board, our lawyers will stand by your side, working for a positive result.

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