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Is Your Arrest Record Making It Hard to Find a Job?

Individuals with arrests and Utah state convictions on their criminal records may apply to have their records cleared or expunged after meeting certain criteria. Every application for expungement will be considered on its own merit, but conditions for expungement generally include:

  • All court-ordered restitution to victims must be paid in full.
  • All jail time must be served in full.
  • All conditions for probation must be met and completed in full.
  • There must be no subsequent arrests on your record.

Sealing Your Criminal Record: If you have a criminal record, there may also be options for sealing it from public view. Sealing your record will not clear it of arrests and convictions, but it will prevent future employers and unauthorized people from reviewing it prior to making decisions about jobs, school admissions and other programs.

Juvenile Record: In most cases in Utah, a juvenile arrest record is automatically sealed from public access when the person reaches adulthood, at the age of 21. Certain criminal offenses, particularly sex offenses, may not be sealed automatically upon reaching adulthood.

Clearing Your Record of a Federal Crime: If you have a conviction on your record for a federal offense, you will not be able to seek expungement unless the following conditions are met:

  • Your conviction was overturned on appeal and the charges were dismissed.
  • You were pardoned and your conviction commuted by a U.S. government authority.

Removing Your Name From the Utah Sex Offender Registry: If your name is on the Utah sex offender registry for a previous sex offense, it may be possible to have it removed or to change the conditions of registration upon meeting certain conditions. Talk to us about your circumstances.

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