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Have You Been Charged With Workers’ Compensation Fraud?

You may have been charged with workers’ compensation fraud under circumstances such as the following:

  • You received temporary disability benefits because you were too injured or ill to work — yet you went on a physically demanding vacation, leading your employer or its workers’ comp insurer to suspect that you were much better than you had let on.
  • You received lost-time workers’ compensation benefits or unemployment insurance benefits while secretly working under the table — or not reporting all income.
  • You manipulated input that your physician obtained from you before determining that your injury required you to take time off work or accept a less demanding role on the job.
  • As a financial officer for your employer, you siphoned off money for yourself from funds intended to pay workers’ compensation premiums on behalf of employees.

Whatever the allegations and whatever you know happened, your legal position is in peril if you have been charged with any type of fraud such as workers’ compensation fraud. Do not hesitate to contact the lawyers at Greg Smith and Associates to discuss your case. We are available at 801-651-1512 or through email.

Salt Lake City Workers’ Comp Fraud Lawyers

Even if you believe there has simply been a misunderstanding, if you are convicted, the results may be similar to those of anyone convicted of a serious crime:

  • Jail time
  • Fines and penalties
  • A requirement of restitution to the workers’ compensation insurer or to your employer
  • A criminal record
  • All the complications that a criminal record can cause, such as career troubles

We are here to offer those who need our advocacy the benefit of our experience, understanding and service. The lawyers at Greg Smith and Associates are prepared to aggressively defend your record and your reputation if you are charged with any type of fraud such as workers’ compensation fraud. We will stand up for your constitutional rights just as vigorously as we do for people charged with murder, rape or robbery.

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The attorneys at Greg Smith and Associates have extensive experience representing individuals accused of even the most complicated types of workers’ comp fraud. Our lead attorney, Greg Smith, has prosecutorial experience and is well-known in the Salt Lake City legal community for zealously protecting the rights of his clients.

You can arrange a free consultation with our office by calling 801-651-1512 or contacting us online.

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