Illegally Taking Fish

Utah is known for its great fishing. Our state has a year-round fishing season, which makes our rivers, lakes and reservoirs popular fishing destinations.

Fishing laws in Utah are primarily created through the Utah Wildlife Board. Violations of Utah fishing laws can result in a loss of all hunting and fishing privileges. There are also many federal Fish and Wildlife Conservation field offices that oversee fisheries and their habitats. Fishing violations on federal land or the introduction of invasive aquatic species may be first noticed by these federal officials and result in prosecutions under the Lacey Act.

The wildlife crime defense lawyers at Greg Smith and Associates handle all types of poaching cases, including those involving fish poaching crimes around the Great Salt Lake, Rockport Lake, East Canyon Reservoir and Flaming Gorge Reservoir.

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Utah Fishing Laws

Fishing and hunting laws are highly specific. Even the most seasoned Utah fishers are often unaware that their fishing routines may run afoul of the law or that they need special licenses for certain types of activities.

There are also many types of fish that are prohibited under Utah fishing laws. Possession of nongame fish is illegal and fishers are required to immediately release these fish. Prohibited fish include a variety of chub and sucker fish, as well as the grass carp and woundfin. A fisher’s ignorance as to what he or she has caught can result in loss of a fishing license.

When Your Utah Fishing License Gets Suspended

It is important to consult with an attorney so you don’t lose your fishing privileges. Your license to fish in Utah can be suspended for a fishing violation if:

  • You are convicted.
  • You plead guilty.
  • You plead no contest.
  • You enter a plea in abeyance or diversion agreement.

Fishing license suspension proceedings are separate from criminal prosecutions. This means that the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources can still suspend your license even if a court declines to do so. Suspension of a Utah fishing license can also harm your ability to fish or hunt in neighboring states.

Contact Our Utah Fishing Violations Defense Attorneys

Whether you have been accused of exceeding your bag and possession limits or illegally fishing on protected properties, the attorneys at Greg Smith and Associates can help protect your rights. Our poaching law attorneys handle all types of wildlife cases, including those involving illegal fishing on the Great Salt Lake, Bear Lake, Mantua Reservoir and Ross Creek.

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