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Were You Charged With Shoplifting in Utah?

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Have you or a family member been accused of theft?

Remember this: You are innocent until proven guilty.

We are here to see that your innocence is maintained. We are committed to helping you avoid a criminal record, fines and jail time. We are criminal defense attorneys at Greg Smith and Associates. For more than 20 years, we have defended people in Salt Lake City and throughout Utah against theft charges. Our experience can benefit you.

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Everyone Accused of a Crime Needs a Strong Criminal Defense

You may believe that the evidence against you is overwhelming. You may believe that you have no choice but to plead guilty to theft charges and accept your punishment. You may believe that a lawyer cannot help you.

We respectfully disagree.

An experienced attorney can make a big difference. First of all, the evidence is not always what it seems to be. We frequently see the opposition claiming that the value of the stolen property or service is much more valuable than it actually is. By determining the real value, we can make a huge impact on the potential punishment you face if convicted.

That’s not all we can do. We will look for other opportunities as well. Our experience means we know where to look to pursue the best possible outcome in your theft charges case.

Experienced Defense Against All Theft Charges

Theft charges can come in many forms. We can defend against all of them.

  • We can defend against accusations of theft of property, such as shoplifting, auto theft and even theft by deception by forging checks.
  • We can defend against accusations of theft of services, such as stealing cable or sneaking into a movie theater.

No matter what theft charge you are facing, our lawyers will stand by your side to provide you with the strong criminal defense you deserve.

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