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Were You Charged With Shoplifting in Utah?

If you were charged with shoplifting in Utah, you are doing a good thing for yourself by searching for an experienced attorney to represent you. Whether you actually did take something from a store by accident, were wrongly accused or were wrongly detained for questioning about possible shoplifting allegations, our law firm is ready to help.

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Why Hire Us to Defend You After Being Charged With Shoplifting?

Potential clients often ask us questions such as the following before deciding to hire us as criminal defense attorneys:

  • Can I trust you?
  • Are your fees reasonable?
  • Do you focus solely on criminal defense?

The answers to these questions are “yes,” according to our past clients. In fact, criminal defense is all we do — and we take every case seriously because we know that the outcomes will be of great consequence to our clients. A conviction versus probation versus case dismissed can mean all the difference to our clients’ futures.

  • Perhaps you were distracted by your children while shopping and did not realize that you were walking out with a piece of clothing on that you had tried on, but had neglected to pay for.
  • Perhaps you had not even left the store, but had impulsively stuck an item in your pocket while shopping – not intending to steal it, but you were questioned on alleged intentions to steal.
  • Perhaps you forgot to pay for the gasoline although you did pay for the hot dog at a convenience store.
  • Perhaps you knowingly did steal food to feed your children, out of desperation.

Circumstances and opportunities vary greatly for people charged with shoplifting and other forms of stealing. Contacting a knowledgeable defense attorney is the first step toward a favorable outcome.

We are here to offer those who need our advocacy the benefit of our experience, understanding and service. We regularly advise other attorneys and share our insights with the public.

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We are ready to talk to you about the steps we will take to defend you in the face of shoplifting or other theft charges in Utah. Getting an experienced attorney involved early in the process is important because individuals can do irreparable harm to their cases if they attempt to explain themselves to police officers or discuss their case with friends who later are forced to testify against them.

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