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Were You Charged With Criminal Mischief?

Criminal mischief is the act of intentionally damaging or destroying another’s property. It usually involves small things, so people think it’s not going to attract the attention of the police, but if someone calls the police to complain, it’s no longer going to be a private matter. You are now in the criminal justice system.

Did you individually do any of the following or were you involved in a group of people that intentionally:

  • Slashed car tires
  • Keyed a parked car
  • Broke a car window
  • Threw a drink on someone in a bar
  • Put gum in someone’s hair
  • Put a poster or graffiti on someone’s possessions
  • Egged a house or car

Whether you face charges of criminal mischief for destruction of property because someone complained to the police or the police observed an incident and arrested you, do yourself a favor and fight the charges.

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At the Salt Lake City law office of Greg Smith and Associates, our Salt Lake City criminal mischief lawyers can immediately begin working on your case. Often, matters like these can be handled early and discreetly through negotiations with the prosecutor. In many instances, we have gotten complaints of malicious mischief dismissed or have negotiated alternative sentences to keep our clients out of jail. Whenever possible, we help our clients avoid a criminal record.

It is never too early to begin your defense. Contact a Utah vandalism attorney at Greg Smith and Associates online or call our offices at 801-651-1512 to schedule a free consultation at our West Jordan or Park City office.

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