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Like many professions, psychologists and other mental health workers are subject to regulation by the Utah Division of Professional & Occupational Licensing. The UDPOL seeks to ensure that licensed professionals offer high-quality and safe services. This role comes with wide discretion and authority to investigate unprofessional conduct and impose punishments for violations.

While this is an important function, the UDPOL can easily make mistakes. Unlike the criminal courts, the UDPOL’s hearing panels do not include as many safeguards for defendants and the hearing officers can make decisions based on nothing more than testimony.

As a result, the consequences of a licensing hearing can involve serious and long-term penalties. Even a temporary license suspension or revocation can significantly damage a mental health professional’s career goals. The licensing defense lawyers at Greg Smith & Associates can help Utah professionals navigate the dangerous waters of a UDPOL hearing.

Chemical Dependency and Sexual Misconduct Charges

Licensing authorities take a strict approach to even an allegation of drug or alcohol abuse by a mental health professional. After a drunk driving or drug arrest, psychologists can expect to face a mandatory hearing to address the UDPOL’s concerns.

Similarly, the licensing authorities watch closely for accusations of sexual or lewd misconduct, including unwanted touching. Because mental health professionals usually work in a one-on-one context, it can be very difficult to rebut a patient’s claims that the professional solicited an inappropriate relationship.

Unlike the criminal courts, however, the hearing panel will not be solely interested in whether the professional actually broke the law. Instead, the testimony and evidence will involve a wide variety of topics bearing on whether the defendant is qualified to continue offering mental health services. Defendants need to be prepared for aggressive questioning on a range of issues.

Salt Lake City Professional Licensing Defense Lawyers With A Proven Track Record

At Greg Smith & Associates, our lawyers have established an excellent reputation in numerous encounters with licensing boards. Our credibility goes a long way when negotiating on behalf of Utah professionals.

We will help you navigate the processional licensing system and minimize the impact of your criminal charges as much as possible.

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