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Utah’s professional drivers already have to navigate a maze of requirements to receive a Commercial Driver’s License. Depending on the size and type of vehicle involved, some drivers may have to jump through even more hurdles than others. School bus drivers, for example, require an extra endorsement before working on Utah roads.

On top of these requirements, employers like charter bus companies and trucking businesses use rigorous background checks to look at a job candidate’s criminal record. If a record search turns up a history of arrests or allegations of alcohol-related incidents like drunk driving, a professional driver could face a difficult time securing future employment.

At Greg Smith & Associates, our lawyers understand the hard work that Utah’s professional drivers put into securing a CDL and we know that we have to work just as hard to help those drivers protect their ability to earn a living.

A Clear Background Check

Regardless of the facts of an individual case or whether the government even decided to prosecute the allegations, records of an arrest or indictment can haunt professional drivers for years. Even if an officer used illegal tactics to fake a drunk driving arrest, the record of that arrest will linger in police records for years – often readily available to employers.

An experienced criminal defense firm can help Utah professionals apply to have their records expunged. Some conditions apply before a court will agree to expunge criminal records – but our lawyers can help you navigate these requirements.

In addition, professional drivers can also seek to seal criminal records so that employers and other members of the public cannot access them without special authorizations.

DUI Arrests and Professional Drivers

Because professional drivers spend so much time on the road in large vehicles, Utah licensing authorities take any drunk driving allegation very seriously. An arrest or conviction for DUI can easily result in a lost CDL – it is important to seek counsel from an experienced Utah licensing defense lawyer to protect your livelihood.

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