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Many people with no previous criminal record find themselves enmeshed in situations that result in communication fraud charges. You need the advice and assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney if you have been charged with communication fraud.

Examples of communication fraud include:

  • Wire fraud (involving any type of electronic communication medium)
  • Mail fraud
  • “Check kiting”
  • Mortgage fraud conducted or promoted through the mail or through electronic communications media such as e-mail
  • Communication concerning bogus investments such as fraudulent real estate deals or bogus stock deals
  • Misrepresentation of one’s identity — for example, a signature on an emergency room form

Are you being charged as a result of a mail order scheme in which you solicited payment for allegedly “free” products? Did you communicate by way of mail or electronic media about activities alleged to be part of racketeering, conspiracy or a Ponzi scheme? Seek the most aggressive and capable legal counsel you can find.

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The lawyers at Greg Smith and Associates are known as strong advocates for our clients. We have worked hard to build our strong reputation over the past two decades and command the respect of prosecutors and other lawyers throughout Utah and the nation. Our communication fraud lawyers regularly advise other attorneys.

Contact the law offices of Greg Smith and Associates to schedule a consultation immediately if you are under investigation or have been arrested on suspicion of wire fraud, mail fraud or any other form of communication fraud. You can call us at 801-651-1512 or contact us online.

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