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Regardless of the details of the fraud allegations against you, you will protect yourself best by speaking with a lawyer first. If you think you may be under investigation for fraud, talk to a defense attorney. If you have received a summons to appear before a grand jury, talk to a criminal lawyer first. Contact the Utah white collar crimes lawyers at Greg Smith and Associates.

Our lead attorneys have prosecutorial experience, and one was even a police officer trainer. You can feel confident knowing that we are well-prepared to handle your case. Our Salt Lake City fraud attorneys have extensive experience defending people against fraud charges such as:

Have You Been Charged With Fraud?

Have you been accused of fraud under circumstances such as the following?

  • “Tricking” someone in a business deal (for example, by selling a sterile dog to someone who stated that he or she wanted to purchase the dog for breeding purposes)
  • “Falsifying” information on a credit card application or license application
  • Selling a home or a product without disclosing known defects
  • Inadequately describing something that you sold online
  • Misrepresenting an insurance product or selling a financial product that was inappropriate for a client’s needs or risk level

Each of these accusations assumes that there was intentional deception. That is what a fraud charge is based on. It is essentially a form of theft committed through misleading words or dishonest financial transactions.

You can count on our firm for a strong defense. We regularly advise other attorneys on critical issues in criminal law.

Contact a Salt Lake City Fraud Attorney

When you call our firm, you can speak directly with a criminal defense lawyer, day or night, weekends and holidays. Call 801-651-1512. To schedule a free initial consultation at our office in West Jordan or Richfield, contact our Salt Lake City, Utah, criminal defense lawyers.

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