Animal Fighting

Although animal fighting has been a popular form of entertainment throughout the country’s history, current federal law prohibits most animal fighting ventures.

The majority of animal fighting operations in Utah involve bird and dog fighting. Many dog owners who train protection dogs such as pit bull terriers may be at risk for federal criminal charges if authorities suspect that the dogs may be used in a fighting ring.

It is illegal to knowingly sponsor or help bring about an animal fighting venture. It is also illegal to sell, buy, train or transfer an animal to a fighting operation. Penalties for violating federal animal fighting laws include fines and a five-year prison sentence for each violation.

Defending Against Federal Animal Crimes

Federal animal fighting charges can have a devastating impact on a Utah resident’s livelihood. Felony charges make it hard to rent a home or obtain employment and may jeopardize a person’s child custody arrangements.

Prosecutors have a variety of tools they can use to intimidate a person into settling federal animal fighting charges. Separate federal laws prohibit many of the activities commonly involved in an animal fighting operation, and prosecutors often use a “kitchen sink” approach to pressure individuals into accepting plea deals.

Utah Dog Fighting Defense Lawyers

Contact the Utah law firm of Greg Smith and Associates if you have been charged with animal fighting or believe you are under investigation. Our lead attorney, Greg Smith, has prosecutorial experience and is known for his skills in successfully resolving even the most complex criminal matters. We handle cases across Utah, including in Salt Lake City, Provo and St. George.

Call our office at 801-651-1512 or contact us online to arrange a free consultation about your federal animal crimes case. Our attorneys are available any time of day, every day. We often meet with clients on weekends and evenings throughout Utah for their convenience.

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